clarity. understanding. options.

Death, as normal as birth, is a subject clouded in mystery where questions are often answered with either clichés or silence. Our mission at Sacred Endings is to provide clarity, understanding through education, and options regarding death and dying process, end of life services and burials.

Family and friends gather at home funeral

Birth and death - inexorably linked but seemingly unrelated in our emotions. Birth is greeted with joy and anticipation and death with dread and sadness. Depending on where we are born, we have differing customs and views. However, in our country, birth and death are not static events but subject to reinterpretation with every generation and influenced by our collective consciousness.

The reason this site exists and the reason you are here is because of a rising interest in reclaiming the knowledge and rituals that will allow us to face death on our own terms and with our own hands. You are invited to continue inside for more information.