personal. healing. economical.

In matters of birth and death there is no one way that serves us all. It is all a matter of personal choice. Making your preference known in advance with as much detail as possible will surely relieve your family from intuiting those choices after death when clarity and judgment may not be easily accessed. Certainly in the case of a home funeral, consensus and preplanning will enhance the experience by providing the security to perform the task in harmony with their loved ones wishes.

Family and friends gather at home funeral

Washing and dressing the body and creating a personal ceremony transforms a service into a ritual. A home funeral transforms the people involved and honors the person who has died as no professional, no matter how caring, is capable of doing. What greater honor could a parent, spouse, sibling or friend receive than to have their final needs provided by people who cared deeply for them during their life?

The healing aspect for participants comes from an unavoidable acceptance of death. To bathe and dress a body creates a factual experience that permeates the barrier of denial. And, as it is no longer necessary to maintain defenses against the inevitable, they may begin to accept their grief as they participate in this final service to their loved one.

Family and friends gather at home funeral

It is a fact that the average funeral in our country costs approximately $6000. That is a cost measured in dollars and cents, not in love and affection. And, for this money you will receive a very nice conventional service. The cost of the burial will be an additional expense. Everything will be handled by professionals and will be done with taste and dignity. There is only one thing missing. It won’t be personal and you will have little involvement except for the decision of how much money to spend. It is the most popular choice because it is conventional.

A home funeral, on the other hand, is less expensive because the service is performed by family and friends and is performed out of love.